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Choose a car is much easier. Extremely long process of searching and comparing options of cars – now Carvector company does this duty for you (usually it takes 40 minutes to find one car). The only thing you should do – just choose the most suitable one for you.


Statistics of sold cars and 10 years of working experience in auto business gives us a possibility to examine a trade of used cars more integrated. Thanks to reliable facts of Carvector company you can increase your knowledge about vehicles and make an informed decision.


The person who really loves vehicles and has a desire for entrepreneurship finds a reliable partner represented by our company. Statistics of sales, analysis tendency of cars market, access to almost all world auctions, help with buying a vehicle, delivery and customs clearance give a chance to create and develop your auto business.



Have you ever imagined yourself sitting in your own car? We understand your feelings. All of us had such kind of imagination once in our life. We will assist to make your dream come true, because Carvector is a professional guide in realizing your desires. Carvector is a Vector to your dream""


Uncertainty in condition of the car, misunderstanding of real price, check lists in foreign languages, necessity to trace the auctions… Carvector is created to solve problems with choosing vehicles. You can be sure: we would better persuade you of buying doubtful car, than earn our commission.


Support, understanding, help, ability to share with happiness and sadness – these are the aspects of real friendship between people. Cooperating with Carvector you realize that we are not just managers of company, but a close-knit team of qualified professionals, who become true friends for you.

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We are glad to welcome you at the Carvector portal!

We provide a full list of services necessary to ensure that everyone can buy vehicles from the Japanese auctions (new and used), and do it — with the maximum benefit. Through the database of our site you can quickly find the car you are interested in among many other cars offered by the leading auction houses of Japan right now.

Why the opportunity to order a car from Japan has become so popular?

The Japanese are known for their sensitive and responsible approach to any business. They really value business reputation, therefore choose partners carefully. We are proud to say that Carvector has been officially cooperating with the largest Japanese auctions for 10 years. One of our employees provides direct interaction with representatives of auction houses and authorities. This guarantees customers absolute safety during the purchase. The whole process, starting from the choice of the car and ending with its delivery to the particular address, is completely transparent and controlled at any stage.

In addition, we work with similar organizations in the US, South Korea, Taiwan and other interesting places.

Among the main advantages of buying cars at auctions in Japan and the US can be identified as follows:

  1. The cars which intended for these countries are manufactured according to the highest requirements of reliability and safety. All quality standards are carefully monitored.
  2. European, American and Japanese cars from auctions are firstly checked through inspection and diagnostics. Their detailed and reliable condition is reflected in the auction documentation. This excludes the risk of getting a vehicle with hidden technical disadvantages or being hijacked.
  3. Excellent condition of such cars is due to provident usage: good roads, high-quality fuel, high technical requirements that prescribed at the legislative level. The terms of exploitation abroad are becoming stricter every year and this forces the owners to maintain cars in good condition.

Except these obvious advantages, there is another important plus: the price of cars from Japanese auctions is extremely affordable. The amount for the car in good condition from auction is several times lower than for the new car from the official dealer.

All aspects above make the purchase of vehicles at auction the most profitable. And with the help of Carvector, this way becomes twice more rational, because our employees take care of all the necessary documentation and delivery. With us you can be sure: you do not have to wait for an ordered car for many months or incur additional expenses for hidden, unspecified payments.

Order cars from Japan

The purchase of used vehicle in an excellent condition, from the countries of Southeast Asia - you can not buy technique of such quality in other way. That is the reason why we transport not only cars, but also:

  • water transport (boats, scooters, boats);
  • quadro- and motorcycles;
  • special equipment for various kinds of work.

In addition, we practice delivery of dismantle cars from Japan. However, this topic is for more detailed discussion, as well as the others.

For more than 10 years of work we have huge experience in ordering cars from Japan and helped thousands of people become happy owners of really high-quality cars. Contact us — we will help to realize your dream! Profitable.