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About Us

A car — is it your dream? Then you are on the right way, because we know how to make your dream come true.

We are a friendly team of Japanese Company CVR Group Co., LTD. (Carvector Company). Since 2008 we help people from all around the world become owners of their long-awaited cars. Thousands glad owners realizing their dreams with our assistance appreciate our service.

To find and choose suitable car is quite easy with CVR. Because we have everything for that:

  • Ability to supply not only new cars, bur also used ones. We can assist you to buy special machinery like trucks, bikes, motorbikes, etc. as well.
  • Have access to world auctions (Japanese, European, Asian, American and others).
  • The team of professional staff, who offers exceptional services for each customer in order to deserve a client’s positive response.
  • Permission and license to sell and deliver vehicles.
  • Representatives in 5 countries (Jamaica, Singapore, the USA, Germany, Russia).
  • Our genuine desire to help!

Since 2015, according to 8 years working experience of our company and your desires, we are on the way of wide-ranging restructuring. The result of this will be an enormous multi-purpose holding with developed branches network all over the world.

The first aspect of changing is new site, which becomes an indispensible helper in searching and buying vehicles. Interface of site is simple and comfortable for choosing and ordering cars. And a set of possibilities and equipments depends on your aims, which we also tried to consider.

For instance:

  • For every individual, who is interested in cars, selling at the auctions we open all necessary information.
  • If you want to buy a vehicle, you will easy find, choose and place bid. In case you buy a car, you will be able to track the way of your car.
  • If you are a wholesaler, you will get a measureless access to all information that auctions provide, expanded feature set for searching and choosing vehicles. And if a customer wishes increase manufacturing turnover of your business and profit.

One more stage of developing is expansion of direction activity. In 2015 we started to supply new vehicles ordered from Japanese factories. For example, since 2016 we carry out regular sales of cars, just manufactured from factories containers to Singapore, Seychelles, and Bangladesh. Also from 2016 we begin to inculcate partner programs. Now every person who intends as open new as develop existing business can do it with our assistance and full support. 

We give:

  • Complex tracking of sales from auctions (choice, translation of Japanese check list, delivering to destination and customs clearance)
  • Boundless access to auto auctions of Japan, Germany, the USA
  • Specific condition for sales charges
  • Clear and open charges
  • Teaching of growth of business, purchasing and so on.

For this moment we stake on efficient and convenient methods of working for you. We also guaranty frank and mutually beneficial cooperation, qualification and trust.

We are sure that with CVR your dream will come true.