Japanese car auctions are often seen as a platform for buying a cheap and high-quality car for personal use. Buy a similar model in the domestic market will cost at least twice as expensive.

Specialists and all actively interested people in the course that at automobile auctions you can buy not only cars, but also all kinds of water transport, special equipment and various details.

More «enterprising» citizens resell equipment from auctions in Japan, earning up to 25% on the ignorance of the majority. There are also cunning schemes with the duplication of cars, bypassing the need to pay customs fees and other «gray» schemes.

True connoisseurs know that true «pearls» of auctions are various rare models of cars. Of course, they can’t be bought inexpensively, simply because the demand for such equipment is great enough. But what is the probability that it is your bet that will be decisive in the 30 seconds allocated for bidding? What are the odds to bet a thousand dollars more and to buy a car that costs half a million dollars?

In the future, we will regularly tell you about the most interesting cars and other equipment, which is exhibited at auctions in Japan. Including with the estimated prices, explanations and comments. Sincerely we hope to establish with you a fascinating and constructive dialogue on the pages of this blog.