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The secondary market of Japan is huge, first of all, it concerns of diversity of techniques. Japan's car auctions are popular during the last three decades. Gradually, this sphere digitized more and more, and now, auctions are working in online regime. Delivery is possible all over the world by sea and air transport.

Besides mobility, Japanese have «German» attention to details. Every car   has its own auction sheet, and given information demonstrates real condition of the car. It allows to purchase different cars: a new car and for the car parts.

Online auction search for japanese cars

There are a variety of cars of different categories and conditions on Japanese auctions. Auctions started to appear in the second half of the 60's. Auction houses like JAA, HAA, CAA and USS were established exactly at this time. Because of development of informational technologies sale of Japanese cars acquire great popularity already in the 80's.

Motorists from all over the world appreciated the opportunity to buy rare or unique model of car or almost new car in excellent condition for the quite slow price.

Today, not less 30 the largest auction's centers and more over 200 local and not so big auction's centers work in Japan. There are similar auctions in the USA. Requests are from dealers and purchases not only for export, but even for internal market. According to statistic, every state in the USA has about 10 different degrees auctions.

Auctions are popular among people from Central Europe (Germany, Belgium, France), countries of Southeast Asia and South America, South Africa and Australia. Today it is easy to purchase the car. You just need a place, where it is possible to deliver by sea, the internet and people, who understand the process.

And now, let us introduce ourselves — Carvector

The opportunity to buy a car from Japan's auction is very popular today. Especially with delivery to Europe. The reason of popularity is simple: the similar car but in worse condition costs more expensive in Europe. That is why, people use the opportunity to purchase a car cheaper and more qualitative. It takes about one week.

Specialists solve for you questions with customs clearing and delivery in accordance with the law.

SO, if you want to purchase a car in excellent condition and for profitable price — you are on the right track.