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If you have always dreamed of becoming a prestigious and safe Audi, it's time to realize such a dream. With Carvector, you can pick up and profitably buy Audi at an auto auction in Japan without any extra effort and time.

Why should I buy cars on Japanese auto auctions?

Japanese car auctions have long established themselves as one of the most effective tools for the profitable acquisition of European, East Asian and American cars of famous brands. Buyers from all over the world, including in Germany, which statistics account for more than 21% of sales, find here exactly what they need, since the choice of vehicles at the auction is almost unlimited.

At these auctions, the bulk of cars sold are «with mileage» cars. That is why their cost is several times lower than those just descended from the assembly line. This means that buying even the most expensive car becomes quite feasible.

Since the cars put up for sale are imported from highly developed countries with a good road system, high-quality fuel and lubricants, fixed by the legislative level, high requirements for compliance with the operating rules, it is possible to be sure beforehand that most of the auction offers are models whose technical condition is good.

Sale of Audi at Japanese auctions, as well as selling cars of other brands, is organized in the most careful way.

Before putting the car on auction, the organizers of the auction conduct a detailed check, during which the car is identified, as well as installed and fixed:

  • the condition of its body;
  • condition of internal parts and assemblies;
  • the presence of so-called hidden defects;
  • The fact of finding a car in the database of stolen cars.

All this information, as well as a description and photo of the car, data on its configuration, is entered in the auction sheet in order to help the potential buyer as much as possible with a choice.

The organizers of the auction provide a 100% guarantee of full compliance of information on the declared lot to the state in which the car will be purchased.

Buy used Audi for sale from Japan car auctions with Carvector service

Our resource:

  • will provide you with full access to auction information;
  • help to quickly select the necessary model and the necessary equipment;
  • will provide a qualified translation of all auction documents (including auction sheets);
  • on your behalf, participate in the bidding process and execute the transaction;
  • arranges the delivery of the purchased car to the destination specified by you;
  • will take care of the solution of all issues related to customs clearance.

We have 10 years of practical experience of cooperation with leading Japanese auction houses, well-established personal contacts with their representatives, therefore we guarantee the high quality of the services provided, as well as acceptable and fair prices for them.