Japan Time: 

The opportunity to purchase techniques from Japan's auctions is a real present from usual motorists, collectors of car, bikers, yachtsmen, representatives of medium and small business. You can find on Japan's auctions:

  • cars of any class;
  • motorcycles and quad bikes;
  • sea transport (water-bike, motorboats, boats);
  • special techniques (bulldozers, tractors, dump trucks, road-roller and etc.).

Besides, you can buy wheels and tires, rare parts, tuning elements and accessories. You also can buy cars for parts. Car for parts are logical and optimal solution for some people.

Who will benefit from buying techniques from Japan's auctions?

Overall everybody gets benefit: from private individuals till business representatives. The only minus is terms of delivery. The car arrives in Europe during a week. But advantages of this kind of delivery compensate that the only disadvantage. First of all, general sum of car with documents, customs clearing and delivery is minimum in one and a half times less, then price of the same car in internal market. Secondly, quality of Japanese techniques are much more better, then quality of techniques from Europe. There are cars from the USA and Europe in Japan's auctions. Quality of these cars exceeds internal market in Europe, especially secondary market.

So, price and quality are the main advantages in Japan's auctions. The only disadvantage is terms of delivery.

How is delivery from Japan's auctions?  

It depends on final destination of delivery. Our logisticians constitute the most profitable road and correlate terms of delivery and price for transportation. Mostly, cars are delivered by sea. Techniques are uploaded in containers in one of the ports in Japan. Then cars send to the nearest for buyer port. For instance Germany has many ports, the biggest among them are ports of Hamburg, Cuxhaven, Bremerhaven, Wismar and Wilhelmshaven. Further, techniques are transported by rail or road, it depends on final destination. Logisticians of company CVR choose the most convenient variant of delivery for you. Our co-workers always negotiate with clients all the questions of delivery, therefore our clients always know where their car are and there is no any unexpected situations. So, if you are interested in reliable intermediaries, which understand principles of work of online auto auctions in Japan — Carvector is for you. We guarantee fulfillment of the responsibilities to the full. Make the first step to realization of your plans of car purchasing.