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USA Auto Auctions & Dealer Cars

The car auctions in USA were created before Japanese ones but they were growing up together. One of the first and biggest used car auctions in USA is-Manheim-it was opened in 1945, it is specialized on buying and selling used cars. Today it is around 400 car auctions in USA and Manheim is the biggest one for selling used cars with different models. There are local organizations as well as many international yards, for example:

  • Copart;
  • IAAI (Insurance Auto Auctions, Inc.);
  • QCSA;
  • Adesa;
  • Verastar and many other.

From the end of 90s there are a few very famous companies to sale used cars like:

  • Auto Trader;
  • YaHoo AUTOS;
  • EBay-motors and other.

There are also motor technics, water transport, snow bikes etc on USA auctions with different prices and condition. The biggest auction, which is not a car auction is NPA (National Power sport Auctions).

How easy is it to buy a car from auction in USA?

It is easy. There are huge amount of cars with different condition and prices. USA is the country of consumption. This is why all techniques become used ones after a short period of using time and goes to the auctions. Do not forget about quality of techniques as well. You probably heard phrase, without being on the road in USA? IT is sounds funny, isn’t it?

Different auctions specialized on different type of technique. For example on Copart almost all products are dangerous for using and cannot be used or even a fake ones, The auction is not responsible for those products — each product has its own auction check list, and it is totally customers responsibility if they would like to purchase any of those products. This auction is opened since 1982 and you can find very expensive and antique stuff as well as a real fake. These auction sales around 50 thousand different type of technique, but to avoid any mistakes it is very important to check carefully each lot before buying the product. You can find information on the check list like:

  • Auto after accident;
  • Auto has being on fire or drawn in water;
  • Auto not in use or problems with engine etc.;
  • Stolen auto and now it is a property of insurance company;
  • Auto is not allowed to be on the roads in USA due to the technical problems;

Auto from USA: Manheim auctions

Auction in Manheim is similar to the Japan’s auctions-only registered dealers can play on this auction, all information on the check list is always checked properly, and their year profit is more than a year budget in Ukraine for ($46 billion in 2015). Their main office is located in Atlanta, but they sale their cars all around the world. They specialized on the wholesale including selling to Japan, but also individuals will not be deprived.

The main dignity of Manheim is-quality of the products as it says on its checklist. The owners of this auction are taking it very seriously and they are looking after their reputation and if it comes to any miss understanding or any other problems between auction and clients they are always looking for options to solve these problems.

Another big car auctions in USA

There is another big and famous car auction in USA is IAAI (Insurance Auto Auctions, Inc.). For those who would like to buy a car from USA car auction, there is always a big selection of cars on this auction as well there are around 150 yards in USA and Canada. The auction is running online as well.

Online auctions in USA are very popular. A hundreds of company’s offer their service. We already mentioned about the main ones. Anyway a big number of stuff are involved in online auctions, because all bookings needs to be prepared and shipped, not every individual can properly go through all details and do it correctly, properly and fast.

For this, there is a Carvector.

Do you have any questions regarding this information or you would like to buy a car from USA auctions? Please ask your questions to any of our team members and we will be more than happy to assist you.