Japan Time: 
Boats from Japan & USA

On the auto auctions in japan you can find not only cars, but many other techniques, from excavator to water bikes. There are also areas on the auctions, were you can find only specialized type of technique.

There are also many yards in Japan, which are offering technique for the wholesale prices. It makes a huge selection of technique which is available for the CVR clients. There are also a good selection of boats and yachts on the Japan’s auctions.

A brown new and used water transport is also available on the Japan’s auctions

As we already mentioned before, there are about 200 local and 30 huge auctions in japan. And many yards as well, so it is always a good chance that you can find a technique that you need. Just to let you know that water transport like boats, yachts are available not only on the Japan’s auctions but also on the auctions in USA.

A boats and yachts are waiting for their future owners on the special yards in ports. The big and famous company names like:

  • Yamaha;
  • Mercury;
  • Sea Ray;
  • Bayliner and many others.

But, even this is not a «top of the iceberg» — on the available list of technique you can find more than 250 different brands, some of them are famous some of them are only familiar for the people who is very well known with this type of market. All information about condition of each transport is available on the auction check lists, so it shouldn’t be a problem to make a selection of the transport that you need. But one of CVR sales managers is always happy to help you to choose a transport for you.

If you would like to purchase a boat or yachts for a family trip, shirt trip, fishing or a cruise we can offer you a water transport with a famous company names, as a technique which is not very famous but also very good quality and a lot cheaper as well.

Can you by a motor boat on the Japan’s auctions?

Yes, of course. More than that a big list of offers is available from Carvector for those clients who would like to buy a used and brown new boats and yachts from Japan. Our team is always help to find and choose a transport that client need, we also do an engine inspection, client also receive a photos and videos of the transport.

Before we purchase a boat we always meet with sellers as well as with transport and shipping companies so at the end we know exactly how much we need to spend to make a purchase for the transport that we have selected.

If you need more information about water transport from Japan or USA — you can simply ask all your questions to one of our sales managers, you can find our address and details on the top of our website.