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Japanese Car Auctions & Special Stocks

Are you interested in Japanese cars? The opportunity to purchase techniques from Japan's auctions is attractive, but isn't it clear? Talks about auctions are popular, but only in quite narrow circles. People prefer not to advertise about auctions. But talks about auctions become more and more popular, because it is absolutely legal and profitable way to purchase a car. The interest of people is explicable and clear.

Japan's used cars auctions

Japanese started to sell cars in the 60's. During 20 years this activity has taken an impression scale and by the mid-80's has achieved modern scales. Development of informational technologies promoted it. Today, clients can buy cars from Japan's auctions «without leaving your home». Today, auctions are the most civilized, safe, convenient and profitable way to purchase a quality car.

There are no analogues. At least within the limits of the current legislation.

Carvector company affords full access to car auctions in Japan, helps to find and choose suitable techniques, buys and delivers techniques to Germany and all over the world. The process, from choosing desired technique till factual receiving, is divided into several steps: choice, purchase, transportation and receiving. Every step is controlled by responsible co-worker, which keeps in touch with clients in phone mode or online. All the process are transparent and practical. If you want, you can control every step and see, where your car is, what is happening and why. You will be able to orientate in terms of delivery.

Today, there are about 30 big auctions and about 200 local auctions in Japan. And you have access to base of slots, updated in real time. There are huge lists of available for purchase techniques:

  • passenger car and off-road vehicles;
  • minibuses and lorries;
  • buses and large-sized techniques;
  • construction and other special technique;
  • water-bikes and quad bikes;
  • yachts, boats and other sea transport.

Besides, there are parts of car, tuning elements, wheels and tires at different parts of auctions. It is impossible to understand all this system from outside. According to Japanese law, only officially registered dealers have the right to make deals with auction's houses. This rule increases control over these activities and quality. That is why, if you wish to purchase a car from Japan's auction, you could do it only with assistance of official intermediary. CVR is official intermediary.

How can buy used cars in Japan from auctions?

Our service includes the opportunity to purchase any technique from Japan's auctions, parkings and yards for everybody, who wants to be a client of our company. All purchase transactions and export are conducted on behalf of client. All operations are made only with considering wishes and requirements of client. Every unit of trading has its own auction sheet. Auction sheet is written by specialist according to inspection, that is why a client can see all advantages and disadvantages of the car. Our company sends to clients the translation of auction sheet. This way clients can see condition, specification and complication and packaging arrangement. After registration on our site you can go to your account and read the information about system of classification of Japan's auctions.

Besides auctions, there are plenty special parkings and yard in Japan. We can purchase any car from them by fix price. Cars from Parking are a little bit expensive, but we should not to take part in auction or wait putting up for sale the car you are looking for. And we have cars in our warehouse, but you should take into consideration the fact, the choice is not great in warehouse. If you buy a car from warehouse, you almost always receive the car, which was initially purchased from auction, but then was placed into warehouse for reselling.

If you want to receive more information about cars' purchase from Japan, ask your questions to our co-workers. Coordinates are in section «Contacts».

We will answer to your questions with pleasure.