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Motorcycles from Japan & USA

Dear friends! For your information, you can find not only cars and special technique on CVR Company’s web-site, but also motorbikes from very famous brands like:

  • Honda;
  • Kawasaki;
  • Suzuki;
  • Yamaha;
  • BMW;
  • Harley-Davidson and many others.

Also you can purchase:

  • Sport bikes;
  • Motorcycles;
  • Mopeds;

Snow bikes and other motor technique .

You select a used motorcycle from japan-we guaranty a saved delivery!

Japanese bikes are very famous all around the world. Even if it is a moped or a very expensive sport bike, scooter or a chopper-they are all 100% safe and quality ones. A companies like: “Honda” ,”Yamaha”, ”Kawasaki”, ”Suzuki” were making the best models of motorcycles for the last years, many of them are still on the roads. A very quality manufacture, famous brands, beautiful shape-this is why Japan’s motor technique is so popular all around the world.

But, as all famous and quality products, the price for new bikes is not suitable for everyone. But, there is always an option-Car vector will help you to make your dream a reality without any extra payments! We offer motorcycles from Japan for the prices which are lower, than you can find from official sellers. If you buy motorcycle from auction with Carvector you get lots of bonuses like:

  • Good prices for motorcycles. A bike at the auction sales for the wholesale prices . Even with a low mileage and a good excellent condition a price for bikes could be lots cheaper than for brown new bikes at the official dealer’s shops.
  • Good conditions, as the roads in Japan are all perfect.
  • Safe deal .All motorcycles are very well inspected and written at the auctions check list. It is 100% guarantee that the bike has not being stolen if you buy it from auction.
  • A huge selection of the bikes from different makes and complications .

It is always a risk to buy a bike from Japanese auction for a foreign people. Problems because of language barrier could bring lots of trouble just because of miss understanding. More than that individual does not have a full access to the auction’s as it is only available for the registered official dealers. There is another important thing that you should know, all documents for exporting needs to be done and checked very carefully to avoid any additional charges and future customs problems.

All this problems will automatically disappear if you will decide to buy a motorcycle from Carvector!

We will buy, pack and export your bike to any place in the world.

Look, choose and order your bike on our web-site.