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Special Machinery & Heavy Equipment

On car auctions in Japan sales not only cars. Auto auctions-it’s just a name of auctions, but in reality they sale hundreds of different products: some of them sales a water transport, some sales –motorcycles, other sales parts. Special techniques sales normally separately. Sometimes the prices are really surprising new customers and those people who are not familiar with auctions often ask: is it possible? Yes, it is possible. To by a special technique in Japanese auctions is a lot cheaper than anywhere else.   But only registered dialers can play on auctions and one of these dialers is CVR.

We offer to our customers an updated data base, which allows you to know what is currently available for sale at the auction, to choose and purchase any type of special technique. At the auctions they sale:

  • Agricultural machinery;
  • Construction machinery;
  • Communal machinery;
  • Industrial machinery;
  • Tracks and busses etc.

Special technique auction in Japan — is an old and useful type of utilization of technique, which has exceeded its time of usage, which time has being fixed by factory. Normally its 10-15 years, even after this year’s technique is still in perfect condition, but the “market law” always needs a stock to be updated on the market. Old technique goes to the auctions all around the world and the Japanese auctions are the most popular ones. It’s very popular on auctions and its sales to those people who cannot offer it to by a new technique every ten years, but really need it.

Special machinery from Japan: used and new

More than 1,000 units of special machinery are sold daily from auctions in Japan. The list of equipment available for purchase is extremely large:

  • Aerial platform
  • Asphalt paver
  • Bulldozer
  • Bus
  • Car carrier
  • Cement carrier
  • Chassis
  • Concrete pump truck
  • Container truck
  • Crane
  • Crane for track
  • Crawler carrier
  • Crawler crane
  • Crawler lift
  • Drill
  • Dumper
  • Excavator
  • Farm tractor
  • Flatbed truck
  • Forklift
  • Garbage truck
  • Generator
  • Grader
  • Loader
  • Mixer
  • Refrigerator
  • Roller
  • Rough terrain crane
  • Self loading container truck
  • Sewer cleaning truck
  • Track
  • Tractor
  • Truck with tarpaulin
  • Truck with water tank and pump
  • Van
  • Welding Generator
  • Welding Generator
  • Wheelloader

The sale of special machinery in Japan is a relatively old and proven method of «recycling» the equipment that has developed the plant's established deadline. Typically, this is 10-15 years, after which the equipment remains in excellent condition, but the «market law» prescribes to ensure a constant demand for new machinery. And the old one goes to auctions around the world, the most popular of which are Japanese. There she finds a second life, going to places where to buy new equipment every ten years there is no possibility, and there is a need for technology.

Below you may find pictures as an example of what we can offer to you. If you need any information about prices, terms&conditions, buying process, payment conditions, do not hesitate to contact us.


Everything is simple:


Register on our website or leave your message/question/requirement or write directly to us.


Our manager will contact you and provide you all information about:

  • buying vehicles from auctions, stocks;
  • payment and delivery terms;
  • consultation about prices and offers;
  • any other information you may require;
  • system of discounts and special hot offers, after that you make a decision: to work with us or not.


Deposit is a prepayment for buying special machinery. It is needed to show us your serious intention to buy truck,crane,excavator,tractor etc. Once you made a deposit, you will be able to join the auctions and buy vehicles under the best prices in allover Japan.


After purchasing a vehicle, you should make a payment for it according to our payment terms. As soon as payment is done, your vehicle(s) will be shipped to your destination.



We are almost 8 years in the market and continue providing our customers from all over the world with an excellent service.


Each customer is important for us. We try to provide the best service for all customers and will be glad to make you happy with our cooperation. You will be provided by any information you may require.


We will open you access to the auctions and you will have the opportunity to see, watch and analyze all the sold units and all units which will play in the nearest future.

Hence, you will see on how much vehicles were sold and predict on how much the same cars are going to be sold, so all the infomration is open for you and there is nothing to hide.


You will not just see total price, we will show you all the charges like:

  • cost of car;
  • all charges inside Japan;
  • our commission;
  • freight charges etc.

We have very attractive and flexible systems of discounts for wholesalers of special machineries&equipment and ready to cooperate for your convenience and benefits.