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Tuning Sports Cars

A body kit for cars has its beginning from the middle of 50s of the last century. It is a hobby for almost every man, who has his own car. The most popular style of body kit is Japanese one. Also in Japan in our days it is very easy to find and order a different types of body kits, besides its never a problem to find or order a unique car parts for any car type.

For those people who love body kits probably familiar with such a body kit styles, like: bosodzoku, syakontan and oni-kyan. The drift also came from Japan, it was only kind of street racing at first but it is a professional type of sport in our days. Our drift racing cars remind a Japanese type of drift Oki-Kyan which means «Evil disintegration».

Normally body kit agencies do a body kits In Europe and USA, but in many other countries — it is normally a hobby of mechanics, which has an ideas and know how to do it and who has a passion to a beautiful and powerful cars. Often people struggle because of the financial problems but now it is not a problem because it is easy to find anything on Japanese auctions.

A body kit in Japan is not reachable for Russia today, the quality on their local markets is higher, their service is much better, and price is a lot cheaper. Such a paradox.

Tuning sports cars from Japan

It is not necessary to install body kit by you, cars from Japan could have everything ready.  For people who love exclusive cars we offer a special service we can install body kit for you.

If client wants, we buy a car which client would like to purchase from Japans car auction and send it straight to body kit specialists. A car body kit is making the car use less petrol and oil, look the car much better .Technically, body kit can be installed on any part of car. Body kit not only make the car look better but also make a better body aerodynamics, for which we use;

  • Spoiler;
  • Splitters;
  • Side skirts;
  • Air vents;
  • Front and back bumper etc.

A car body kit includes installing of different additional elements. Technical characteristics, Clamping force, cornering control and Grip of tires to the road, could be improved because of body kit. Also as a special request there is a possibility to improve an engine, suspension and other mechanical parts in special centers.

If you would like to receive more information about body kit and how to modify your car in Japan and USA, please do not hesitate to ask your questions to any of our sales managers by writing an email to

Carboxylic parts are bought separately and installed by professionals.