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Supply of automotive wheel and tire

Yes, to order a tyre on Japanese auctions could be much more profitable than look for a new or used tyre in internal market.

It is the same for the wheels, discs and other parts. But, how is it possible? It is simple.

How can we purchase brown new wheels for the price of used ones?

As an example, a young American man name Joe is employed by a big growing startup company somewhere in Texas. He has a good salary, and big future planes, the first thing he wants to do to make his plan reality is to get a loan for a new car, new house and other things. But after one year everything went down, the company has bankrupted, and Joe has become unemployed.

It is not easy to find a new job and Joe has no choice as to start giving everything back as well as his car, but his car is not brown new anymore and he has to send it to USA car auction than USA auction sale it to the same auction in Japan a new owner is waiting for the vehicle and he plans to do a new body kit and put a new wheels, so the old wheels go straight to car parts warehouse where they will be kept until will be resold again as car parts. Tyre and disks can be sold separate as well.

This is how wheels, tiers and disks come to Japanese warehouses-it is amazing, the number of car parts and other techniques is huge. So if you need new wheels it is not a problem to find them on one of the Japanese auctions. The price for wheels, tiers, and disks from Japanese auctions will be a lot cheaper than if you buy them from internal market. The only problem is just a matter of time of delivery, but if you do not need to buy a new tyre immediately then it is shouldn’t be a problem.

Used wheels, disks, tiers from Japan

Our company is also sale a lot of used sets of wheels, tiers and disks from Japan.

Normally we can fit around 200-230 sets of 4 wheels in 40ft container. The price for one set is from 10 to 10000JPY including loading them to container, depends of quality of the wheels, tiers, disks and sizes. It takes around 2 weeks to buy wheels and load them to container. The delivery normally takes around 2-3 months. We do inspection of each wheel before load them.

The system is very simple, the question is, why people not using this service globally? The answer is people in Russia do not have enough information about this service.

If you find this information interesting, if you think buying used wheels or tiers from Japanese auctions profitable for yourself, if you have any questions or maybe you need more information-please do not hesitate to contact our team and we will be more than happy to assist you. You can find our address and details on the top of our web-site.