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Fees Overview

Fees need to consider calculating the final price of a vehicle:

  • Auction fee / Port fee / Documents for export - 60 000¥ (~550$);
  • Transportation fee within Japan from the auction house to the export port: 3,000 ¥ - 29,000 ¥ ($ 30 -270 $ depends on the distance of the auction). To get precise cost of inland transportation, please contact us;
  • Sea freight Ro-Ro. On average - 90,000 ¥ –120000 ¥. It is calculated individually for each car, and depends on the port of delivery and the dimensions of the car;
  • Shipping insurance - from 3000 ¥ (on request). The cost of insurance was not included in the calculator. The cost and type of insurance can be checked with the manager;
  • The cost of customs duties and related taxes depend on state. To get more information about the cost of customs clearance, please contact us.

To start cooperation, you need to make a prepayment (deposit) to our bank account or PayPal account (see table below). The presence of a deposit allows you to bid on any auction or stock vehicle. This amount is taken into account in the final invoice and is included in the purchase price of the car.


Car price at auction Deposit amount
0 - 10000 $ 2000 $
10000 - 20000 $ 3000 $

For cars over $ 20,000, the deposit amount will be calculated individually. All costs are indicated in US dollars ($) and are converted into Yen (¥), at the exchange rate on the day the transaction is made.

Important to remember:

  • When you purchase an SUV / Truck, the total cost may differ significantly from the results of this calculator.
  • In addition, changes in exchange rates, transport company rates and other unforeseen expenses may affect the final price.
  • This calculator gives an APPROXIMATE total cost result for a sedan car. For a more accurate and complete calculation of the cost of buying and delivering a car to the country of destination, please contact us in any convenient way, located on the "Contact page"