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What is a deposit?

Deposit is a prepayment that confirms the seriousness of your intentions to benefit from our company services.
When we receive funds in your currency, it converts into Japanese yen according to current exchange rate.
Current amount of money is displayed on website in your personal account.

Prior to the purchase, the deposit is refundable. You may request a refund of your money at any time, and the company will transfer it to your account.
The company returns exactly the amount that came from you, except bank charges related to a bank transfer.
We provide flexible terms of cooperation to each customer. You have a choice:
- include deposit in the total CFR price of purchased car 
- save deposit in your account as a guarantee for future purchases 
The decision is always up to a client. 
Deposit amount depends on market car price:
- If car price is up to 1.000.000 JPY - the deposit is 2.000 USD
- If car price is from 1.000.000 JPY to 2.000.000 JPY - the deposit is 3.000 USD
- If car price is from 2.000.000 JPY to 5.000.000 JPY - deposit amount is 20% from market car price, but at least 5.000 USD
* As we strive to provide the best service for each customer limit of purchases with one deposit amount may be a subject of discussion.
Feel free to contact us.
In conclusion, we would like to note the benefits that you receive after paying the deposit:
• Your personal manager will handle your bids, calculate total price of the purchased car with delivery to your country
• You will have access to all Japanese auctions
• You will have access to Japanese stocks 
• You will be able to check the market price of any vehicles that are sold in Japan (using current sales statistics)
• You may choose any car you like on the auction or buy any car from the stock directly.