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How to import a car to Singapore

1) What is the procedure of importing car to Singapore?
Please check the document here. There you will find all info regarding import rules.

2) What documents do we provide?
We provide all documents bellow which are complete list of documents required for custom. If you need any additional documents please let us know.
  1. Matters of Registration Certificate – Current Record ( Originals and English translation)
  2. Preserve Records Certificate (Originals and English translation)
  3. Export with De-registration certificate (Originals and English translation)
  4. Supplier Invoice – English
  5. Bill of Lading/Arrival Notice – English
  6. Vehicle specification (Originals and English translation)
3)  It is required to de-register a vehicle within 14 days. Is it possible?
Yes. We know this is one of the very important requirements we need to fulfil.

4) Can we help to clear the vehicle from Singapore port?
Yes. We have an agent in Singapore that helps you with clearance procedure. Please contact us to get the details. 

5) What is the light transmittance requirement for the windscreen and door glasses?
Light transmittance for the front windscreen and two front side windows must be at least 70%.
Light transmittance for the rear windscreen and the rear passenger windows must be at least 25%.

6) What is OMV? It stands for Open Market Value.
OMV is assessed by the Singapore Customs, based on the price actually paid or payable for the goods when sold for export to the country of importation. This price includes purchase price, freight, insurance and all other charges incidental to the sale and delivery of the car to Singapore.
To obtain the average OMVs of commonly-registered car models, please contact with us directly, and we will kindly assist you.
If you have any additional questions or you want to order a brand new car, please do not hesitate to contact us:

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