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What is an Auction Grading sheet (checklist)?

An auction sheet (checklist) is a standard form filled by professional assessors by hand before putting up a car at auction.
Auction inspection sheets are the primary way to provide buyers an idea of the car's condition.

These inspection sheets have "Inspector's Notes" which are written in Japanese that can provide you a wealth of knowledge of the condition of the car. But there is no necessity for you to be able to read Japanese, We will translate auction sheet for each car that meets your requirements.

Each auction house can have a different inspection sheet form. Differences are usually in the variations of formating and symbol usage, but there is also sometimes variation of what information is available.

But all of them are common in data shown:
  • Lot No (makes process of searching easier)
  • Auction name (helps to count inland delivery from an auction to the yard)
  • Private or Rental User
  • Description of vehicle: chassis number, model, year, engine capacity, doors, colour, 4 or 2WD, mileage, transmission, package: TV, AW, Navi, Leather seats, wooden panel, AAC, etc.
  • Body condition and interrior condition
  • Seller's marks (any mark concerning a vehicle)
  • Auction worker's marks (regarding car condition or any after market details)

At the Private Page you can find more detailed information how to completely understand the Grading system. But here you can see below some short examples of "How to read auction sheets":