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Who is responsible for meeting and unloading vehicle in the destination point?

Consignee* or Notify Party** is always informed about arrival of vehicle (at the final destination port) by logistic manager of our company and by the local representative of shipping company. It's up to the customer to organize meeting him/herself or to use the service of authority agents. We have partners in some countries and contact details of Shipping Agents in all the countries we are shipping to who can take responsibility for meeting, unloading and customizing of your car. Your personal logistic manager will provide you with all required information (upon your request).

If you wish to know whether we have partners or agents at your destination port, please Contact Us

* Consignee A party (usually a buyer) named by the consignor (usually a seller) in transportation documents as the party to whose order a consignment will be delivered at the port of destination. The consignee is considered to be the owner of the vehicle for the purpose of filing the customs declaration, and for paying duties and taxes.

** Notify Party A person or a company named in the shipping document as the party to whom a notice of arival must also be sent.