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Can I bid at Japanese car auctions by myself ?

If you are a paid up member of Auto Auction Japanese System than our reply is YES, you may, because only authorized Dealers can participate in Auto Auctions.

But if you are not, we are here to help you play on Auctions on your behalf and become an owner of any car from any of Japanese Auto Auctions.

The process of buying cars electronically is really difficult and requires practice.
It usually takes around 15 – 20 seconds to sell a car and during this time it is necessary to place the bid and gradually increase it to your MAX being careful and not to buy a car much more expensive than you're planning.

Our qualified bidding managers are responsible for it and are bidding on your behalf on over 100 auctions.
We are facilitating the overseas customers by providing them online access to view the details of the vehicles online on our website, where you can find car pics, auction sheets and car details.

Our managers participate in the auction by two ways:

- Physically present on the auction. It gives us the opportunity to see & check some vehicles before the biding (by special customer's request)

- Making bids in our head office in Osaka. It gives us the opportunity to have access to all Auction Houses all over Japan from one place at the same time.

If you have any additional questions about bidding, please feel free to contact us!