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Our Company Policy

Carvector Company provides the most informed and reliable service for Export and Imports vehicles all around the world. The major profile of Our Company is buying vehicles at Japanese Auto Auctions and special yards (with fixed prices). We can help you to purchase any type of vehicles from 90 major auction houses in Japan, which offer around 150,000 units for sale per week, and monitor for special yards and stocks all over Japan to find the best offer under customer request. Brand New or Used cars, trucks, buses and machineries can be found here. Our team of professional staff will be glad to give you our best service.
The whole process is simple and is typically involves the following steps:

Order from Japanese Auto Auctions
  1. Send inquiry, to inform us about details of the vehicle(s) you wish to purchase
  2. Receive free quotation (note that quotation is guaranteed for a limited period due to currency exchange rate and changes in shipping charges)
  3. Get Proforma-Invoice for deposit amount (you can read more about it here : FAQ - What is a deposit?)
  4. Place a deposit into our bank account
  5. Find and purchase the car under your request
  6. Complete the payment
  7. We ship the car, all necessary export documents will be sent to the address mentioned in your order form or address you requested
  8. Receive your car

Special Yards or Our Current Stock
  1. Select a vehicle
  2. Receive full information about the condition and total price (FOB or CIF value)
  3. Get an Invoice with the total amount
  4. Complete the payment (we will confirm full payment receipt in 1-2 working days)
  5. We book the vehicle on the nearest available ship and will do shipping. All necessary export documents will be sent to the address mentioned in your order form or address you requested
  6. Receive your car
Our payment terms is 100% prepayment by TT (Telegraphic Transfer). TT or Bank Remittance is the quickest and safest way of your payment before the shipment. For the countries which import rules accept ONLY Letter of Credit payment method, we can work by LC. But before, you should discuss it with us directly, and provide your bank details information so we can check it from our bank.

What is deposit meaning ?
A deposit it is prepayment which confirm the seriousness of your intentions to benefit from our company services. The reason we require it is that it shows that you are a serious customer who is not going to walk away after having us buy a car from the car auctions for you. Deposit is refundable 100 % until the vehicle purchase.
When you are ready to go ahead, we will give you calculation of all charges which you need to pay as below :
Price of the car + All inland Charges like : Inland transportation of car from auction house or yard to port, shipping agent's fee, documentation charges, de-registration, Customs clearance, Booking with first available ship to your port, storage of car at yard till the arrival of ship, Loading of car in ship (or in container if required), Send shipping documents to you by DHL + Freight.
So you will see how much you need to buy vehicle to get it in good final price.
After we get all the necessary details concerning the vehicle with your budget, we immediately begin searching the auctions for cars that fit your description.
The buyer chooses the cars that meet his requirements, such as: year, colour, engine capacity, options, condition, etc.
When you found appropriate vehicle, you can require for details about condition. You don't need to worry about condition of the car.
If car has problem with the engine, mechanical details or something else it always will say about it in Auction Grading sheet or Special Auction report.
For the cars from special yards and dealer stocks we always do additional inspection. So you will know all information before the purchasing.
Also you will be able to check pictures (On Japanese Auctions there are always 2 or 3 pics: the frontside, backside & interior).
On USA Auctions like Manheim, Adesa, and etc it will be more than 2-3 pictures. Around 10 - 20 pictures for per unit.
On Special Yards will be as a rule many pictures of the car.
On our website, In your private page you will have access to see market prices, to get idea how much need to pay for the vehicles which is satisfied you.
For each car which need we can provide translates of Japanese Auction grading Sheet from Japanese to English (Auction Grading Sheet include interrior, exterrior, engine conditions, full description of options and so on).
*Before start to use access to AUctions you will receive instruction which will help you to understand auction description better.
With all this information, you just need to decide and confirm vehicles which can buy for you.
Please note that we will never buy a car for you without your full approval and designated budget.
Once we buy your car, on the next working day Invoice for full amount will be sent to you.
Then need to pay the FOB or CIF price of the vehicle directly to our Japanese Company bank account.
After receipt of payment is confirmed (Usually it takes around 1 - 3 working days), all necessary paperwork for export will be arranged and the car will be transported to the wharf for shipping.

Please NOTE :
The entire process for export takes approximately 1-2 WEEKS from date of purchase.
Cars are put on the first available ship. Shipping schedule can vary.

In order for your car purchase going as smoothly, as possible we have set up the following guidelines and terms of trading.

1. Before You Bid At Auction
For standart cars purchasing on auction we require a 2.000 USD deposit.
For expensive cars we require 20% of the car's approximate price.
Deposit must be made by bank transfer (typically done at your bank) TT payment.
(* Please note that the deposit is held here for the duration we do business. It is not a membership fee, nor is it a per-car payment. Deposit is 100 % refundable, and if you decide to not buy from Japan anymore, we can send it back to you minus bank charges.)

2. Placing Bids On Auctions Online
You can review the vehicle data of online auctions and place bids on vehicles using our website.
Be sure, what you agreed with all charges including all fees for purchases which make FOB or CIF prices.
We will confirm ALL your bids, if you going ahead and agree with final purchase.
It is merely a starting price. Cars that begin at 0 may sell for 1.000.000 yen and cars that begin at 300,000 may sell for 350,000.
The only thing you can know We will take the car for the best price.

3. At The Auction
The vehicles are personally inspected by professional staff at auction and a full description given to the customer.
If something in description of the car seems not ok for you (like interior grime, scrathces, engine noice) please cancell your bids.
If car description from Grading sheet is not enough for you, we always can do physically inspection for additional costs.

4. After The Auction
If your bid successful, the purchase price of the vehicle at auction is forwarded to the customer along with the FOB or CIF fees associated with it.
If we bought a car from auction and on any reason you want to cancel it, all charges for reselling will deduct from your deposit.
If shipping should be pre-paid (varies from country to country) or shipping insurance is also required, we need to discuss with you before the bid.
Any Successful purchases are transported to the Port.
A full set of additional photographs are taken when the car arrives at the yard, and are then forwarded to you.
Vehicles can be shipped after all export procedure is done.
Approximately it taking 10 - 14 days after full payment being received. Also booking and shipment depend on shipping schedules and us receiving documentation from the owner.
But anyway the faster you pay, the faster we can get your car on a ship.

5. Shipment
During the time is car is shipping our logistic manager will always in touch with you, and informing you on every step.
You will be informed about the date the car will be delivered to you. That time you come to the port and meet your car.

Final Payment
We require 100% payment prior to shipping.

6. Our Costs
All our charges for Japan like : Cleaning charge, Auction fee, consumption tax, recycle fee, deregistration, mailing documents and comission of Carvector is from 100,000 to 120,000 Yen depending on the value and volume of cars purchased.
For a one off retail customer Fees requiring instruction from start to end of the export process is 120,000 Yen. Higher end, more expensive cars will attract a higher fee as negotiated prior to sale (Vehicles which price can be more than 3 000 000 JPY).
This fee covers basic auction fees, inland transport, customs clearance, GST and road tax reclamation and paperwork fees as well as our own profit.
Please note however that this standard fee only covers auctions which located in Honshu Island like : Nagoya, Osaka, Tokyo, Okayama.
Any cars bought on Sapporo or Kyushu may incur excess inland transport to other destination ports.
We will endevour to explain all fees prior to each individual purchase and in any case will make sure the total cost is always under the FOB or CIF budget given.
For USA, Korea & Taiwan Auctions and stocks our comission will be from 800 to 1 000 $.
To get full idea about charges on inland transport, export procedure and freight costs please feel free to contact us.

7. Negotiating on Cars from Special Yards
In the case of cars we buy on negotiation from Local dealers' yards or any other special place, we do all the extra work involved in negotiating the sale plus most extra transport involved due to remote locations and sending a car carrier out to transport a single car to the nearest port.
If the car is in a really remote location, we will quote accordingly.
Please note that not all Japanese & USA car dealers are willing to sell cars for export as many make their margins on the on road costs when a domestic sale is made.

8. Your Country's Import & Registration Restrictions
We will not bear responsibility for cars purchased that are not eligible to import.
We assume that buyers are familiar with the regulations concerning import approval and compliance in their own countries. As such, the responsibility to comply and register the car is entirely the buyer's. We are the experts at the our side and can arrange everything to do with the actual car purchase and export from Japan, USA, Korea & Taiwan to your country.
Customs, compliance, tax, duty, registration is also entirely the buyer's responsibility so please make sure you are familiar with all the regulations governing car importing into your country.

9. Car Condition
With the condition of the car you need to understand that usually we are selling USED cars. Many dealers are prepared to do a lot of work on a vehicle before they sell it as they can get work done at wholesale prices and cars end up even cheaper.
Used cars are by definition not in new condition and therefore scratches and small dents are to be expected. Lower grade vehicles sometime need body work and repaints of scratched and dented panels. We will give ALL INFORMATION concerning the car FULLY.
To increase the quality of the car you are purchasing and reduce the amount of money needed for re-conditioning costs the most obvious thing to do is buy a high grade car and be prepared to spend a higher price. Cheap cars are always cheap for a reason. Quite obviously if you want a nice car you must spend more.

10. Auction Grading Sheet
This translated version of an auction sheet tells you information about the car to decide if it is within your guidelines to justify inspecting it.
There is general information about the car regarding its year of manufacture, kilometers, Air Conditioning, LHD or RHD and so on. There is also gradings on the cars overall condition, interior condition and exterior condition based on objective assessments made by the auction houses staff who inspect all cars before they go through the auction.
The legend below the auction sheet tells you the gradings the auction staff use to describe things like scratches, dents, interior condition and overall condition.
If you are a regular buyer of cars out of Japan it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with auction sheets so at a glance you will know if this car is what you are looking for.
Regarding the cleanliness of the car, you need to understand that many people sell their cars in the auctions without cleaning or polishing them. We will run cars through a high pressure hose wash when sending them to countries that have strict quarantine laws regarding dirt on cars but as a rule we do not detail cars before we send them.

11. Additional Inspections
Some countries import rules required additional inspection before the shipment.
JEVIC inspection is required to export cars to Zambia, Kenya, and Uganda. JAAI inspection is required to export cars to Tanzania, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh.
JEVIC and JAAI are Japanese registered companies and have been involved in pre-shipment inspections/certification of used vehicles.
Inspection for your vehicle will be arranged by Carvector before shipment.
Once the inspection is completed, booking of your vehicle for shipment will be arranged. Please note that the fee for the inspection is not included in listed prices.

Carvector Company sells vehicles in 'as is' condition. Specifically, cars are sold as how they appear and are described on Our website or by our staff from auction.
''As is'' condition means that vehicles are sold in the exact state in which they are described.
Because of the nature of cars, it is difficult (almost impossible) to be aware of everything right and wrong with the car but we try to get as close as we can.
Carvector Company do its best in selecting quality cars, providing as much information about the vehicle as possible.

Once a car in our stock or a car from Auction has been purchased we expect full payment to be made.
A Telegraphic Transfer/ Bank Transfer receipt must be sent to us as soon as the payment has been made.

An auction deposit is refundable prior to purchase but if the customer requests a refund for what any reason, Refunds will always be made minus bank charges required for the transfer.

We use the same shipping lines used by new car manufacturers and would like to say that damage never occurs.
Shipping insurance will pay for total loss or very major damage that can be proven to have happened in transit but will not cover minor scratches and dents.
Theft from cars during transport and shipping is an issue that is also beyond our control and if there are valuable items in the cars that the customer would like sent by post it can be arranged at his/her expense.

15. Glossary of Terms
C&F (Cost and Freight)
This term contains the following:
A. Price of the Vehicle
B. Japan-side procedure costs (in-land transportation, customs & shipping procedure, documentation and our fee)
C. Ocean freight can be pre-paid at the Japan end (this is the same cost shipping companies quote)
CIF (Cost Insurance Freight)
The same as C&F but includes shipping insurance

FOB (Free On Board/ Freight On Board)
This term only includes the following:
A. Price of the vehicle
B. Japan-side procedure costs (in-land transportation, customs & shipping procedure, documentation and our fee)
With FOB the customer is responsible for payment of the ocean freight at the destination.
Whether a car is C&F or FOB depends on the shipping line & destination ports. In the end all it determines is where the freight is paid.
You can learn more about International Commercial Terms follow link below :

16. Last Word
As a general rule, cars in Japan do half the kms per year that similar cars do in western countries such as Australia, England, Canada or the United States and owners really look after their cars and regularly service them.
Vehicles in USA is given very big choice of european, japanese, american cars with really good prices and different conditions.
Vehicles in Korea provide for specific markets, and also going to sell for good prices.
Second hand car prices are often half or less what they may be elsewhere in the world.
Even taking into account re-conditioning costs buying cars direct is still much cheaper than buying the same car in similar condition in your own country.
Our job is to confirm what the auction inspection reads and to give our own assessment of every car bought whether from our stock or direct from auction and then buy and ship upon your go ahead.
We do our best to give as detailed and honest a description as possible and work to help you as much as possible with every purchase.
The final decision only you can make. We only can help those who have decided to buy and import vehicles.
Carvector Company offers a service to assist you to import vehicle, which provides the opportunity for significant cost savings.
Accordingly, there is no warranty should there be faults with the vehicle that were not included in the description provided by the supplier of the vehicle or auction.
We inspect every vehicle, but some things cannot be seen immediately i.e. Vehicles are cheap to import because there is some risk involved.
If warranty is a critical factor to you for the purchase of a vehicle then this says something about your risk profile and you may need to reconsider importing directly versus buying something locally that you can see and touch.
You need to carefully consider the immediate and usually quite large cost savings of direct importing versus the cost of buying something locally from a dealer just to receive the benefits of a warranty (that you may never require).
Our goal is to give you our best service so that you can get a really nice vehicle , or concentrate on growing your business and making money.