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What is a deposit?

Deposit is a prepayment that confirm the seriousness of your intentions to benefit from Our Сompany services.

The reason we require the deposit is: it's a kind of guarantee that after we buy a car for you according to your request, you won't just refuse it.

Deposit is refundable 100 % until the vehicle is purchased.

In case you are not going to continue bussines cooperation with our Company any longer we will refund the deposit in 100% volume (except bank charges for the transfer only) or will include it as a part of payment for your last purchase.

We assume flexible terms of cooperation with each customer:

  • One time customer can include Deposit in the total amount FOB or CIF after purchase
  • Wholesalers* can save Deposit on the balance during the whole process as a reserve for future deals.

    The standard deposit amount is 1 500 $. It may be sent either in JPY or in USD or Euro according to the current rate. This deposit allows to buy a vehicle costed under 1 000 000 JPY or 10 000 US$. If a vehicle costs more than $10 000, the deposit should be 20% from an average market price of the vehicle.

    * As far as we trying to provide our best service to each customer Limit of purchases with one Deposit amount can be negotiable. You can feel free to contact us to discuss it.

So, coming up to conclusion we would like to mention your benefits after you send us a deposit:

  • You become our customer, and so you will work with our professionals to help you buy the right car and will arrange export and shipping process;
  • You will have an access to all Japanese/American auctions.
  • You will have an access to Japanese/American/European stocks.
  • You will be able to check yourself the market price for any vehicles that is sold all other Japan or USA.
  • You may choose any car you like on the auction or buy any car from the stock directly.