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Hello Darya
Sure it is long time. We have been pretty busy starting the year. All is well and we are happy for life.

The car is doing well and people are turning heads because of the sweet colour and body condition. I have a friend of Asian origin who wanted to buy it for 20,000 USD. I said NO. The car is too good to sell. I told him we can get him one via auction and Carvector but he wanted it for his wife right away. We did not sell the car.

It is performing well and we are happy. We will soon be doing its first major service after arriving and all will be well.

The last week, schools were on a rest term session, about 7 days of resting for the children. We went on a road trip, covering 1000Km and it all went so well.

Thank you for checking up on me.

Have a lovely time and lets stay in touch.

2012 BMW X1 WBAVL32030VT*****

Tom, Kenya. 27 February, 2020