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I came across the Carvector company completely by accident when I was looking for a Mercedes SL on the German website I called the number given in the announcement and thus established cooperation with the company. Mark is my manager. I work with him very well, he predicts prices well and describes the condition of the car to the point. The only thing I do not like is the fact that despite the fact that I have bought so many cars in this company, there is still a problem for me to pay a deposit, as if I had to suddenly give up the purchase. But well .... Apparently such a company policy. The cars I have bought so far are in different technical conditions, but they meet my requirements. I like to "pamper" them and make them real gems. The delivery process it’s perfect. It is safe and I am constantly informed in detail by the kindest employee of Carvector, where my car is at the moment. I recommend Carvector to my friends and I always say that in Japan you can buy cars without fear of fraud, because it is a reliable and honest company. I will definitely buy a car at Carvector more than once. Yours sincerely to the whole team I met at the stage of our cooperation, especially people with whom I have very good contact, i.e. Mark, Christina, Olesia and Darya.

2007 MERCEDES BENZ SL550 WDB2304711F1*****
1994 MERCEDES BENZ E CLASS WDB1240361B9*****

Marek, Poland. 10 November, 2020