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Me and my children have bought 4 Mercedes through Carvector. 1x R230 SL500 2003 with 57000, 1x R170-230 from 1999 with 83000km, 1x W203-C 260 from 2003 with 40000km & a W210 E430 from 2000 with 143000km (which was rust-free!!! Very rare with a W210)
We have to say all the descriptions were correct, and we had no further problems. Of course, for the TÜV, if necessary, you have to renew the wear parts and convert them to Euro regulations, but all vehicles were top, and also km were right. Have this checked at MB times, because they can read that on certain ECUs. The SL and W203 still smell or smelled like new cars. Sure, you buy a car at a distance without having driven or seen it, that's the risk you take. But let's be honest, all the used car dealers here say is just bananas oil!. Mostly the km is not right etc. So, I will not buy a used car in Germany anymore.
We can only recommend Carvector. All very friendly and helpful.

2003 MERCEDES BENZ SL WDB2304741F0*****
2003 MERCEDES BENZ C CLASS WDB2030611F3*****
1999 MERCEDES BENZ SLK WDB170447-1F1*****

Jochen, Germany. 27 January, 2021