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I found Carvector via Google and reviewed the company ratings and buyer experiences on their website and also on Trustpilot before engaging in this business relation.
The purchase process went smooth. You have to make a down payment where the amount varies with the cost price of the car that you want to buy, which made sense to me.
Mark, the facilitator and prime source of contact, started sending me suitable cars via WhatsApp that matched my search criteria and that were to be auctioned within the coming days. Once the perfect car was found I asked Mark to bid on it setting a maximum bid price that I wanted to spend. The first couple of cars went to other buyers unfortunately, which made me raise my bid just a little. Then I received good news; that I was the proud owner of a white S600 V12 biturbo 5.5 liters with only 66.000 km on the meter! The maximum bid price btw includes: commissioning, inland transport, insurance fee and shipping to a local port in your country. Transportation goes via the “RoRo” principle which means “roll on and roll off”. And not in a container as many people think.
The S600 arrived a couple months later in Amsterdam, including paperwork’s for the Dutch Customs, prepared by Christine (Carvector) who took care of the shipping, export and import documents. She also sent regular updates of the car’s whereabouts.
Once arrived in The Netherlands the car needed to be converted to EU standards. Think about: light pattern, fog lights, navigation, radio bandwidth, tires (unless fitted with DOT notification) etc. These costs can add up so it’s advisable to check these upfront.
The S600, once received, was in optical very good condition and still smelled new on the inside. Technically it needed some work because it has been sitting still for quite some time which it didn’t like very much. Think about sensors, all fluids, oil, filters, tires that became square etc.
End conclusion; I now own a very luxurious, good looking and extremely fast car for 25% less than similar cars on sale in my country.
If you have patience, and not afraid to engage in a project, I definitely recommend any buyer to contact the people from Carvector to see if they can facilitate you with your dream car. I would definitely buy more cars via them!

2006 MERCEDES BENZ S CLASS WDD2211761A0*****

Ian, Netherlands. 18 December, 2021