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Carvector - car into UK - 5 stars
Sharing review of my first time experience of a car purchase with Carvector and importation into the United Kingdom.

Process: I initially contacted Carvector via website about 2 years ago and spoke with Victor, who outlined the process and costs, I could not proceed then due to personal reasons, but when I finally decided to import late last year I knew who I wanted to be my agent. I've transferred bidding deposit and started selecting and making bids in Dec 2021. Just over three months after purchase, the car was delivered to Southampton. The UK side of things - customs clearance, delivery form port, mot and registration are relatively easy to organise yourself.

Why Carvector: There are a few other agents advertising online/youtube/social media, with similar fees and services, but I'm very glad I went with Carvector:
- great communication via whatsapp - they keep you fully updated at all times and answer messages quickly, almost 24/7 (i don't know how they do it)
- technical expertise: Victor was great in advising on auction process, car technicalities, suggesting lots to look at. Kristina was really on top of the logistics, paperwork and getting car onto a ferry.
- there were two non standard requests from my side - i was not fobbed off and Carvector did their best to address my concerns.

Buying from Japan: I did my research to understand the process and set expectations right and i'm happy with the outcome:
- The purchase is on the basis of auction house inspection report and a couple of photos - it is a risk to buy 'unseen' and you rely on the honesty and diligence of the auction house.
- I was buying an old car, with a higher mileage and grade 3.5, with rust ;) and scratches and it is reflected in the price I chose to bid. The technical and cosmetic condition exceeded my expectations, but obviously I had to do servicing, replace two tyres and interior clean. The car went through MOT/technical inspection without any advisories.
- Wait time - 3.5months from buying to delivery in the UK + 1-2m for registration - it is a long process so patience and planning ahead is required.
- Some time will be needed to research car models, understand the process and organise UK side of importation. Overall there is noticeable saving to be made vs UK importing dealers and it compensates for the above limitations.

Result: I have a unique jdm minivan that the whole family likes. My friends and family who were initially sceptical of the idea are now interested in buying themselves. There are plenty of german luxury SUVs on my road, but Vellfire really stands out is a true head turner.

2010 TOYOTA VELLFIRE ANH20-81*****

Roman, The United Kingdom. June, 2022