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I was purchased Toyota Crown 2007 to Bulgaria. It was my first experience, with much of choices.. But I stoped on CarVector since one guy recomended them. Choice was right :)
Firstly thanks to Evgeniy for a full information about how to and where to deliver the vehicle, answered on all my questions. He laso gave me a contact of russian broker in Germany, so there I haven't any problems in future.
Started to collaborate with company's manager Anton. Nice guy, after 1 week of searchings we looked much of cars, made 3-5 bids, some of them Anton with his trained eyes marked as damaged on the roof, really thanks for that :)
And lastly when I walked with my son in the city park got a message "Congratulations, you've won the Bid ###". I really can't believe when saw that I won car with maximal count of options on which I just was sure that I can't win this lot because of higher price above on my budget. But reality is different :)
Thanks to Kristina, Logistic manager for her help with reservation of place on the Po-Po in this hard-time after covid when no containers avalable and all places are mainly reserved by manufacturers. One problem with CoC certificate also was soluted fast and fine :)
So... Now I have my dream-car in the garage, searching for ways how to register it in Bulgaria but it is another story :)
CarVector - 10/10

2007 TOYOTA CROWN GRS184-00*****

Artem, Bulgaria. July, 2022