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First of all i would like to thank Mr. Stan and Olesya to direct me on the correct path on each and every step of the process. well if i talk about both Stan and olesya are very flexible with there customers .
Well when i first talked to them. i felt really comfort with them, but i have a little doubt about them, coz i never done deals via Internet, and i never met them before... but after some times i realised that they are good business people and they like to help their customers as much as they can to get the best for their customers. I had a doubt about the condition of the car. But when i saw the car in Sri Lanka all my doubts were gone in second.
The condition of the car was great and it is the same car that i have seen in the pictures.
As i mentioned before I am really new to the vehicle business. I didnt know much about this business. and there were some days that i felt really down of not getting any cars for me at auctions and those times both Stan and Olesya courage me a lot by standing be side me. But once i started to work with them i got to know many things and they teach me each and every single thing in vehicle markets and about the Japanese auctions.
Last 14th of August my first shipment was reached Sri Lanka and there were many people to comment on my vehicle condition. I never expected that much good comments from my clients and from my friends.
Today i am doing a vehicle business and have good comments from my customers.
Actually all these good comments i am getting because of Stan and Olesya. I owe bot of you lot.
Thank You,
Sanchi (Sri Lanka)