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Japanese Car Auctions & Special Stocks

We provide a full access to any japanese car auctions all over Japan.
Japanese auto auctions are the best place to buy used or reconditioned vehicles from Japan. Thousands of used cars, SUV, vans, trucks, buses, construction machinery, forklifts, boats, bikes and spare parts display at different auction halls all over Japan every day. Just need to check, choose car, truck, bus and so on from the auction site and inform us to bid on your behalf. And we will get the best quality japanese car at your chosen competitive price. Japan have various auto auctions who are selling thousands of vehicles everyday. By japanese law, only dealerships, like our company may become members of auto auctions, and make export of used cars. But we care about each customer, and when you become our membership we start work from behalf of customer to buy and export under customer instructions. To make procedure of purchase easily all information about each lot included in special auction grading/inspection sheets. We can give you sheet translations from japanese to English, so you will get whole information about condition, specification and etc. After registration on our website you can login to your private page, there you can find details about grading system of japanese auto auctions.
Also there are a lot of special stocks in Japan, where we can get vehicle by fixed prices. Usually it's easy to use stocks for buying special machinery, because the auto auctions system is best source to get cars, bikes, buses, trucks surely. Sometimes we have cars in our stock. But not so often. The reason we do not hold stock is that we bid at the auctions on the instructions of our customers. Main reason exporter stock list might have a couple of hundred cars, but at the auctions every day there are tens of thousands cars. If you buy from an exporter's stock, the selection is extremely poor - a tiny fraction of one day's auction vehicles. On top of this, whenever you get a car from someone's stock, you are almost always getting a car that was originally bought at auction and then had extra margin added on. So, if you buy from stock, you are basically buying an auction car for a higher price.

To summarize:
  • Buying from stock limits you to hundreds of vehicles at the most, when buying from auctions gives you access to tens of thousands of different vehicles each day.
  • Stock cars are more expensive than their auction equivalents. Almost in all major ports in Japan our company has yards which using for parking of the cars after purchasing. We care about shipment, and if you want to know full procedure please feel free ask to our company staff for any question what you will have.

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