Japan Time: 
How to Buy

To buy a vehicle or special machinery via site is easy. Only 5 simple steps and you are closer to your purpose:

  1. Choose a car – you have access to almost all bases of Japanese auctions, where information is updated real-time. To save a car that you found or place bid on it you should register (see «How to find a car on site?»)
  2. Pay deposit – deposit is a prepayment that confirms the seriousness of your intentions to buy a vehicle. We can buy a car only after paying deposit, which is refundable (see «What is deposit?»).
  3. Place a bid – after you found a suitable car press a button «Place bid» and in appeared window put amount of money, print currency and press «Place bid» again. Also you may press button («How to place bids on site?»)
  4. Pay for your purchase – the payment should be done in the day of purchase, because money comes to bank account during 3-5 days (see «What does payment include?»)
  5. Get your vehicle – we will exert every effort to deliver your car as soon as possible (see «How and where can I get my car?»).

Are you interested in buying a car from auction in Japan? It is easy!

All the process looks quite simple. But every step consists on a great deal of organized work, which we do for you. That is why, you should not worry how to get reliable information of cars and any other techniques from Japan's auctions. You should not see into betting system, buying process, formalization and transportation.  You do not need to see into custom clearing and legalization of bought car.

It is enough for you just connect with us, and question «How to buy a car?» will be solved. During 10 years we have developed our system and all processes are adjusted. On condition, if some problems appear, they are not critical and our co-workers of CVR solve them. Our team accompanies your purchase during all the road: from auction till personal delivery.   

Geography of work of CVR is whole world. But the great deal of cars send to Russia. This is due to several factors: deliver is convenient, condition of internal market is bad and huge request for qualitative cars. It is impossible to buy a car more profitable, than from auction. And we do not say only about cars. Special techniques are purchased actively, as for personal applying, as for needs for production. Japan's motorcycles have a great vogue. Request for techniques makes us to think about «crisis» and its ephemerality for people, who is ready to do for realizing their desires.

In short, CVR is your conductor and helper for purchasing techniques from Japan's auctions.

We wish you successful purchases!